How Do I Get Involved?

Our church is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at this church.

First Steps

While there are many first steps to getting involved with Reclaim church, below are some we recommend.
  • Attend our weekly worship service at 9:30 am.
  • Accept invitations to lunch, dinner, or “hang out” time that the people of Reclaim extend to you.
  • Send us a short note via our “Contact Us” page where you introduce yourself and any prayer needs you might have, or scan this QR Code to utilize our secure mobile app to connect (or click this link to access the app from a desktop computer Reclaim Church App).
  • Join us at one of our weekly fireside gatherings.  These are informal times were we explore what Jesus is teaching us individually and how that is changing our lives.  Use the “contact us” link in the upper right to find out where and when these gatherings are.

Next Steps

Next steps are sometimes scarier than first steps because they often involve you opening up and letting us know who you really are. However, it is always good to remember that they are just as scary for us because we are letting you into who we really are to.  Below are some next steps we recommend you take after your first steps.
  • Join a small group Bible study led by one of the many leaders in our church.
  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our pastoral staff so we can get to know your grace story.  These usually take place at Starbucks (and the coffee is on us).
  • Join us for corporate prayer on Sunday mornings before the service. It can be super scary to pray out loud, but it can also be really rewarding.

Serving Steps

Lots of times people want to skip the next steps (because they are a little scary) and go right to the serving steps.  However, we believe it is super important to know the people we are releasing into ministry.  Once we get to know you, we are sure there is a place to serve that fits your level of confidence and experience.  So what are some of the serving steps you can take?
  • Volunteer to help set up or clean up for Sunday morning ministries.  This often involves making coffee, setting out snacks, or tidying up before guests arrive.
  • Volunteer to host a small group, fireside gathering, or other ministry in your home. Hosting and leading are different, so don’t think you have to do both.
  • Volunteer to lead a small group.  We will provide all the training you need in order to successfully facilitate a small group.  Group leaders often say this is one of the most rewarding ministries there is.
  • Volunteer to serve in the nursery or work with the children in children’s church. These ministries require you to submit to a background check that the church pays for.  We can never be too careful who is working with our kids.
  • Ask staff about other serving opportunities that are not listed here.

Deeper Steps

A lot of times people think that serving steps are as far as it goes, but a deeper, more intimate walk with Jesus does not come from serving alone.  While there is no “one way” to go deeper with Christ, we have found this often involves things like the following steps.
  • Begin a one-on-one discipling relationship where you meet privately with a ministry mentor on a weekly basis.
  • Talk with one of our pastoral staff about starting a new ministry or taking over leadership of one of our existing ministries.  Leadership of this level really causes us to rely on Christ.
  • Meet with one of our pastoral staff to talk about a personalized spiritual growth plan.  These plans often involve continuing education through both formal and informal channels.
  • Join a Followers Made discipleship group.