As you think about your place of mission, who has Jesus called you to love intentionally? In this new eBook, missional leader Alex Absalom offers a thorough explanation and exploration of the “Person of Peace” strategy that Jesus used throughout His ministry–and Absalom shows us how to identify and reach our own person of peace. The Person of Peace, he explains, is someone who doesn’t yet know Christ but welcomes you and opens up their network of relationships to you. “Person of Peace is a powerful yet simple concept that Jesus has give
n to His church so that almost anyone can become an effective witness for Him! I believe that many, many disciples can be released to go out as witnesses simply by implementing this basic strategy that Jesus taught.” Absalom writes. Because Person of Peace is all about honoring existing friendships, reaching your neighborhood or network of relationships becomes natural, not forced or contrived. The Viral Gospel equips and empowers you with this 2,000-year-old concept to reach the people in your place of mission.

Key highlights:

Using real-life stories and field-tested tools, this eBook will help you to:
  • Understand what a person of peace is and how this role can naturally advance your mission to reach those you’re called to reach.
  • Five ways to to identify the Person of Peace in your mission
  • How the early church used the strategy of Person of Peace coupled with the concept of oikos to grow the church and advance Jesus’ kingdom
  • Draw them, along with their network of relationships, to Jesus
  • What it means to be naturally supernatural
  • Train others to identify and reach their own person of peace
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